WordPress Flickr Sidebar Plugin

Published October 5th, 2005, updated February 29th, 2008.


wp_flickr_sidebar is a plugin that shows a moblog in a WordPress sidebar. It can be configured to display any Flickr feed with a specified width and number of pictures. The plugin supports caching and resolution-dependent fetching.


Shorts steps for the impatient:

  • extract the files to the plugin directory (currently one file)
  • drop a copy of magpierss in /magpierss (or symlink it or fix the constants)
  • ensure that you have libgd2 and the php bindings installed
  • activate the plugin somewhere on the WordPress setup page
  • configure the plugin using the WordPress options dialog from within the admin menu
  • add <?php wp_flickr_sidebar_feed() ?> to your template/sidebar


After installation, the plugin should

  • fetch your feed using magpie
  • print a bunch of images which link to the plugin itself

and when called as an image, it should

  • fetch your images
  • convert them using gd
  • display them

If something went wrong (missing libs, wrong permissions, typos), you should see an error message as long as the bug is in stage 1. To see error messages in the standalone jpeg section, set this line as a comment:

// (header("Content-type: image/jpeg");)

When you’ve fixed your problem, come back here end tell us, please.
q: after commenting the header line, i see an error message that says there is no imagecreatefromjpeg()
a: install/update the gd graphics library and php bindings q: it does not work anymore a: flickr changed the uri schema, update to version 0.2