Wiki Plugin for Vim Editor

Published April 18th, 2007, updated March 7th, 2008.

This is a wiki plugin for the Unix editor Vim. It enables you to use syntax highlighting, hyperlinking etc. within your favourite text editor. Based upon Tim Hemel‘s original wiked, the code perceived many changes to fit the needs at

We use it here ( for server documentation, notes, logbooks, howtos and many other tasks where we savor syntax highlighting and hyperlinking. In contrast to Tim Timewaster’s original wiked, we have found that many wiki-like syntax highlightings are useless within a text environment. So, we have limited on these features:


Words within brackets are interpreted as hyperlinks and automagically added to the tags file. You can jump to the target using Vim’s tag feature (as in ctags/etags). This is achieved by either entering

  :tag <link>

into the ex status line or by the keyboard combination <ctrl>-<+>. (This is <strg>-<alt-gr>-<9> on German keyboard layouts, see the vim manual for details on tagging).

To install this wiked release, simply copy .vim/ and .vimrc/ to your home directory. If you understand what you do, you can also integrate it with your existing configuration; you need at leat “syntax on” and “filetype plugin on” in your vimrc and the Perl scripts and .vim files at the appropriate places.

download source code