Sniffing HTTP Traffic at HAR2009

Published August 14th, 2009, updated April 7th, 2010.

I’m currently visiting har2009, an international IT security conference in the Netherlands. It’s an amazing event with so many nice people, fresh lectures and a wonderful environment. There is a large wired and wireless network and everybody on the campsite is wearing a laptop, a pda or some other device that can connect to the Internet. And because there are so many security people around, I think it would be funny to demonstrate some insecurity here…

First, there is the Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol (WPAD), which is used by your web browser when you use “proxy autoconfiguration” – the default setting on many systems. Second, there is a DHCP server for the campsite that does hostname registration in the DNS server. I asked myself what would happen if I could register the name

Well, I have done so. And I have setup an appropriate proxy that intercepts all traffic that passes this machine. After 24 hours, there were more than 800 different hosts using this malicious proxy server – and many of them signed up to unencrypted web services like Twitter and others. That’s quite impressive as this are about 20 percent of the visitors! Now I’m wondering what happens if I break up SSL…

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