Htpasswd Editor

Published June 13th, 2008, updated April 28th, 2010.

User authentication on unix systems typically relies upon password files or directory services. Both contain logon names, user ids, passwords, the location of your home directory and other information. The choice of the right authentication backend typically relies upon the amount of users you have to manage and your system environment.
If you have decided to use simple password files, you can create different files for various services. This gives you the opportunity to separate system users from service users. Further, this enables you to delegate administrative rights to certain people.
However, user management still requires you to twiddle with command line tools. This is fine if you are a unix lover, but if you want somebody with little command line experience to manager your users, you probably prefer a user interface that guides the unexperienced and reduces the risk of crashing the system.

Htpasswd Editor

This is exactly what htpasswd_editor does. It provides a text user interface for htpasswd(1) files and can easily be integrated with popular software like the Apache Web Server, VSFTP Daemon and other PAM-enabled programs (using pam_pwdfile).

2008-09-17: there’s a new bugfix release available
2010-04-28: there’s another bugfix for Debian #340366

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